Rural Voices


Community for all is here

A Dream realized so i can now smile!: I have always be dreaming of a platform that will give me opportunity to express my views on topical issues particularly issues affecting development and human existence. Alas it has not taken too long to establish this dream fulfilling community.

My vision for establishing this community is give opportunity to everyone to be heard worldwide. The community offers greatest opportunity to people to express their sentiments or opinions on topical issue of interest. No restriction of language, no class of people, no level of education is required to have your opinions broadcast to the world.

 This community also offers opportunity to writers of all angel to showcase their talent and ability to express them through writing. Our target is to have about 2,000 members using this community by 2015 to ensure enable us influence the change we want to see around us, in our communities.  

I am sure you are such a person who has been looking for opportunity like this to help accomplish your dream of not only to educate but to influence changes in society. Do not insist to email me at [email protected] or [email protected] and within a shortest possible time your wild idea is on air and across the world.

Much of subject matter interest include climate change, education, social, religion, political, community, gender, agriculture, environment, water, sanitation, NGO's activities, students' lifesytle *campus" life, market factors, business activities, short stories, poems, narratives, creative writings, the list goes on and on.

Other interesting writings by people will also be featured with permission from the writer(s) taking into consideration plagiarism-no one wants copy jobs. 

We offer the following services:

1. Newsletter publication 

2. Media Advisory/consultancy service

3. organise press conferences for individuals, organisations/institutions

4. Documentaries, and media publicity

5. Public Relations services to organisations, individuals

6. Research works for and on behalf of organizations


1. E-Mail address: [email protected]/[email protected]

2. Mobile Phone: +233 269178606/209336286

3. Box TL 423, Tamale, Ghana