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5 Women Held Hostage Over Accusation of Witchcraft

Francis Npong, Tamale

Five old women between the ages of 55 and 70 are being held liable to “outlandish diseases” that attack three young men at Koblinmahagu in the Tamale Metropolis.


Though the sicknesses are not medically explained community members are pointing accusing fingers at those vulnerable women for allegedly using their witchcrafts to inflict the sicknesses on the young men.


The women who are constantly being threaten of deaths by community members are also being accused of earmarking another eight other young people to kill. One of three young men suffering from the alleged spiritual attack died, leaving two others one with a bloated stomach and other with choked oesophagus or neck vain who is unable to gulp anything in a critical conditions, they explained.


The women, whose names have been withheld, are now under hostage have been dragged to Dakpema palace Naa Mohammed Dawuni. The palace source who confirmed the story said the women have been billed to appear before a fetish priest to determine whether or not they have hand in the plights of these young guys.


The Enquirer sources within the community indicated that though the alleged victims were not sent to the hospital to verify the kind of sicknesses they were suffering from rather vet their frustrations on the five old women. “They are forcing them to admit that they really have hands in the cases of the guys which is unfortunate”, the source said.


The women, are likely to be banished from the community should the fetish priest of the proposed shrine they are threatening to take them to found them guilty aside horrible maltreatment.The entire drama began last week when two close friends fell almost at the same period in which one has already died.


A third person, who identity is also yet to be revealed, has also fallen ill and has been unable to take in any food or water. On Tuesday, when the youth could no more tolerate the situation, they massed up and marched to the palace of the Dakpema, a traditional leader in Tamale,
to protest against the strange calamity that had struck the youth of their
community, according to Graphic report.


The youth the report said swore not to return to their community if the chief did not take
some action to intervene and halt this strange phenomenon, claiming that any
of them could be the next victim.


The Dakpema, Naa Mohammed Dawuni, who is currently interceding in the matter, however delegated some elders from the palace to the community to meet with the people and ascertain the situation on the ground. During the meeting, a spiritualist, known as
‘Jinwara’, intoxicated by the spirit crumpled and began to prophesize implicating the five women for being behind the situation of the guys.


The spiritualist accused the five women of being behind the act and that the women were also preparing to bewitch eight other people includes the youth chief for the community.
Following the revelations the Dapkema is said to have met with the youth in his palace on Friday but it was not clear what transpired at the meeting but the Enquirer can report that the women are likely to be dragged behind a fetish priest to undergo rituals.


The Public Relations Officer for the Dakpema, Mr Abass Salifu, confirmed the story and said they are still looking into the matter.Efforts to reach the Northern Regional Director of the Commission on Human
Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Mr Stephen Azantilow did not yield any positive result but a staff told the Enquirer that the office had taken the issue up bt could not tell so far action of the office would be.


The laws of Ghana do not allow spiritual trial or judgement and allowing these women to go through this would be a breach of the law.